I am using ember-template-lint for fixing my indentation, bare-string and triple curly braces errors. In my templates, am using symbols such as + , - , ( ,) , : , etc., Now the linter shows errors for these symbols as non-translate strings. I cannot disable this rule as I need to catch out the other bare-string errors. Is there any other way other than disabling the rule and also translate for each and every symbols that I’v used?

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This seems like a very reasonable request, would you please create an issue in the repo for it? In the issue, could you include a couple of HBS snippets that you would like to see work (this will give me some good examples for the tests)?

I think the key would be to allow users to provide some configuration for a whitelist of bare strings to allow (in addition to symbols I could imagine wanting things like project names and whatnot to be always in the same language).

If you can create the issue soon, I will try to tackle this in the next day or so…