Upgrading to 3.4.2 produced dozens of new errors and warnings


I just upgraded from 3.3 to 3.4.2 and for the first time saw 5 warnings and dozens of errors when I fired up the server.

The warnings are of the form: node-modules are missing dependency fsevents. This happens to two of them: chokidar and sane

The errors come in 3 flavors:

  1. You must use double quotes in templates
  2. Incorrect indentation
  3. Unexpected partial usage

Regarding the warnings: Since they happen not-in-my-code should I just ignore them and assume that ultimately they will be fixed?

Regarding the errors: Like I said, there are a LOT of these suckers. It’s not like my templates contain crappy code (but then again, we all say that, right :wink: )

  1. I just happen to always use single quotes instead of double ones.
  2. I’m a big believer in visual clarity, so my indentations are (to me) very readable.
  3. My partials are simple HTML code. (I have a Rails background and have always thought that partials were a great idea.) I’ve heard that they might be deprecated, but didn’t worry too much about it because I wasn’t “pushing the envelope” with them.

So for (1) and (2), do you think it’s worth spending a lot of time on truly minor fixes, or is there some kind of ESLint rule that I can use to have these ignored? And even if there is such an exclusionary rule, is there a compelling reason to take the hit and slog through all of these changes?

And for (3), have partials officially been considered bad? If so, should I just replace them with HTML-only components?



I think ember-cli-template-lint was added by default in ember-cli 3.4. You can configure it through the instructions in the README. You could of course also just uninstall it.

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Wow, that was fast! I must say Ember folks also seem willing and able to help! (This isn’t the first question I’ve asked. Also, I’ve read many other questions and there always seem to be folks around to lend a hand.)

Anyway, before I asked this question, I did see what you mentioned by looking at the diffs in the upgrade. I commented out .template-lintrc.js in .eslintrc.js, but that didn’t make a difference => I guess that wasn’t sufficient.

Maybe I’ll just bite the bullet and fix the (hundreds) of problems. The fact that they are simple fixes => perfect work for a hangover day. :beers:

Sure thing!

Also, I think partials will indeed be deprecated (don’t quote me on that) and template only components are a good replacement.