Ember test --server takes very long to run (because of big folder under public)


Hello Ember guru’s,

I have an Ember project with a large theme/stylesheet in the public folder (233MB on disk) (not all files are used).

I run my tests using “ember test --server”.

Whenever i make a change in my code, it takes a lot of time (about 40 secs) for my tests to be rerun. When i remove the (big) theme from the public folder, the tests rerun in under a second.

I suspect that the public folder is being copied everytime i make a change ?

Is there a way to prevent this (when running tests), or what is a way to make this go faster ?


Are you running Windows?


Yes i’m running Windows.

I’m also running as Admin and used ember-cli-windows.

I’m aware the resources under public are very big (and i will trim it down …), but i was just wondering if there is some easy thing i can do to make it so that its not copied on every test run…



ember-cli should be able to use symlinks rather than copying: http://ember-cli.com/user-guide/#symlinks-on-windows

However, if it is not, please file an issue in ember-cli repo: https://github.com/ember-cli/ember-cli


I am running (powershell) as admin…

For what folders would links be used then - for everything under public ?

Im unsure how to see that something is a link …

Thx for your time!


Are you using ember-cli 2.3.0? A number of changes were made that should help, such as:


Googled that for you…



You are too kind (I know i was being lazy…) Thank you very much.