Running ember app on Windows and admin rights

Here is what I have observed while running a simple Ember app on personal Windows 7 machine (using ember-cli)

Case A Running via command prompt as normal user takes around 60-70 seconds for the build

Case B Running via command prompt as admin takes around 3-4 seconds for the build

For both cases, I have the SymLink thing created.

Now my question is; when I run on company-provided Windows 7 system which has admin restrictions, is there some way of hacking this…meaning admin-level access just for running my ember app OR anything that can be thought? One thing is for sure I would never get full-admin rights.

You can use pogostick for this. It will get you local admin rights.

Thanks…But again there might be company restrictions on installing on the system…looking at something which can work with company restrictions.

We’re in the same boat. We have the SeCreateSymbolicLinkPrivilege set, but our builds still take 10 times longer in a normal user prompt as opposed to an admin prompt.

Our IT will enable any permissions we need after a short review, but they can’t give us blanket admin privileges. Does anyone know what additional privileges need to set?

Take a look at:

ember-cli-windows/setup-search.ps1 at master · adopted-ember-addons/ember-cli-windows · GitHub ember-cli-windows/setup-defender.ps1 at master · adopted-ember-addons/ember-cli-windows · GitHub