Ember-cli problems - Windows 10


I previously reported problems building the app and then making changes to it Ember-cli suddenly slowed down to a crawl

I knew the ember-cli-windows add on wasn’t designed for Windows7 so I upgraded to 10 and the problem was resolved.

However, now, all of a sudden, an app is taking ages to build and when I make any changes the app is not reloading. It’s not even saving the changes if I do a manual refresh.

I have also upgraded ember-cli and ember-cli-windows to latest versions just in case that was the reason.

Before I build the app I always run ember-cli-windows.

Anyone else having these issues on Windows 10?

We run 2 workstations on W10 without problems. We had some slowness once with some secret windows update working in the background. Force windows update “now” helped in that case.

We switched from McAfee to Bitdefender. With McAfee ePo 10.1 Ember was super slow. McAfee will not solve the ePo 10.1 problems for W10.

Many thanks for getting back - will try your suggestions. Many thanks!


No luck - this is a nightmare - I can’t do anything now ! No code changes are even being saved!

When I make a change the console notes it, the build runs again but (a) liveserver doesnt reload the page and (b) even if I manually refresh, the change is not reflected at all !

Perhaps test in a ember new project to see if it is your project or something in your environment. I am now using Ember-cli 2.4.2 on W10 without any problems. I can test with your ember-cli version on my W10 PC.


Many thanks for your help and kind offer - much appreciated.

However, I’ve ditched Windows for Ember, and have set up the environment on a Linux box - all is well again!

I have Windows 10 with Ember-cli, haven’t come across any issues apart from having to open the GIT port on installation of Ember-cli.

Thanks Ben - I’m not sure what happened at my end, but glad you didn’t run into the same problems!

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