To avoid frequent rebuild or ember js


Hi All

Wish to inform, we have Currently developed one ember application with node js environment, in that for every changes its getting build frequently, In that we felt system delay and work delay, is there any possibility to avoid frequent build in ember js. If yes please share the possibility steps to avoid frequent watch and build?


What’s the version of ember-cli you’re using? Newer versions contains significant performance improvements.

Also, it is a known issue that ember-cli has lesser performance on Windows than *nix operating systems.


Hi Lightblade,

Really thanks for your valuable responded. Yes but we need to increase the performance from the old version of ember cli only, because all other activities depends on older version only, except the few;

will try once again and comeback.


+1 on OSX it’s lightning fast for me with a fairly large app.

I ran into issues trying to dev inside a vagrant box but on metal + OSX it’s solid.

My mate uses Ubuntu to dev on and it’s good there too.