Many of my projects are not 'building' on subsequent saves


I have about 8 Ember projects I’m bouncing between that each do different stuff for practice.

I upgrade them frequently to keep updated, but many times - I visit older projects - which I haven’t updated / and try and work on them - but they don’t compile after the initial build on serve.

I guess that CLI has been updated globally … to 1.13.8 ~ so that would effect all of them…

followed the ember CLI releases outline… - that didn’t immediately solve it… - I’ve frantically gone through / / - changed a bunch of stuff… and got it back to order on a few - but not sure how… In general, each app is very simple. Stylus, pulling in minimal API data / a few routes / a helper or two

Any of this sound familiar?

Mac latest OS

Any ideas on how I can track down what part of the process is clogging up the build process - and how I can get a clear view of how this works?


Are you referring to or something else here?

What OS are you on?

On Windows I have experienced quirks with the rm -rf ... per project step in my git bash being unable to delete all of tmp/. I had to do it from Windows Explorer. Also helped with build times (and maybe build/live-reload consistency?).


I’m on a Mac with the latest OS, and yes - the releases page on github for CLI. Added that info to the question. Thanks.