Ember-cli suddenly slowed down to a crawl


I am using ember-cli version 2.4.1 on WIndows 7 64 bit with the ember-cli-wndows add on installed version 2.1.4

Haven’t been having any issues when serving an existing project until yesterday…

I’ve just served an existing project which took ages (see below). Also, and more worrying, when I make a file change the console is picking up that change, but the app doesn’t reload and even reflect the change when I refresh completely. In this case, the app just hangs when I try to reload it.

I’ve also created a new project with no add ons, and the same happens.

I know it’s recommended to use ember-cli-windows on Windows 8 or 10, but as I say everything was working fine previously!

Any ideas much appreciated!

Update - upgraded to Windows 10 over the weekend, problem solved…