Why is a new ember app folder size so large?


hey guys, I’ve just installed ember for the first time and created my first app

the brand new folder has a file size upward of 1 gigabyte!

is this normal? or did I mess up somewhere along the way


Your /tmp folder can get huge fast and the dependencies can take up a lot of space, but that does sound unusual. Can you describe how you did your installation?


followed the instructions on emberjs.com exactly, I did try moving the folder around a bit so I dont know if it has anything to do with this.

anyhow, I created some new projects and they are around 160mb, which is still quite big but I guess more normal


160MB is about right for all of the libraries you need for development. As I said, /tmp can get huge fast because it’s what’s enabling those crazy-fast rebuilds. I think it cleans up after itself, but I also don’t think anything will explode if you delete the folder every once in a while too.


Are you developing on Windows without running your console as an administrator? I was having a /tmp folder with overall size in excess of 1GB when I first started, and it was because I was running ember without elevated permissions.


yes I am

is it important to run console as administrator?


Yeah, it should be safe to delete tmp unless for some reason you explicitly put something in there that you wanted to keep around (which of course probably shouldn’t do)

Also there is the ember-cli-ramdisk addon


This mounts a volume in RAM and symlinks tmp to that volume. Let’s you use your ram as a kind of scratch disk.


Yes. Ember-cli is notoriously slow on Windows without the correct configuration. In fact, Microsoft even released an auto-config tool to set your environment up in a way that makes ember-cli faster. Check out ember-cli-windows if you haven’t already. You only have to run ember-cli-windows once. Additionally, always run your console on Windows as an administrator, and make sure to exit the server by hitting CTRL + C instead of just closing down the window.

For me, after running the configuration script and opening cmd as an administrator, my build times went from ~60s to ~5s and the /tmp folder now stays under 200mb.


thank you onsmith, you are very helpful, I am a novice and this gives me a great start :slight_smile: