EmberApp not starting

My Ember app ist not starting anymore. I have no idea why. Nothin has changed in package.json.

DEBUG: ------------------------------- index.js:198

DEBUG: Ember : 3.27.0 index.js:198

DEBUG: Ember Data : 3.27.0 index.js:198

DEBUG: jQuery : 3.6.0 index.js:198

DEBUG: Ember Bootstrap : 4.6.3 index.js:198

DEBUG: Ember Models Table : 2.15.0 index.js:198

DEBUG: Ember Simple Auth : 2.1.1 index.js:198

DEBUG: ------------------------------- index.js:198

DEBUG: For more advanced debugging, install the Ember Inspector from Ember Inspector – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US) index.js:198

Uncaught TypeError: Ember.computed.oneWay is not a function


exports loader.js:106

_reify loader.js:143

reify loader.js:130

exports loader.js:104

Did you just upgrade Ember? There have been some issues with ember-cli-Babel changes so you may need to bump that too if you didn’t use ember-cli-update to handle the update for you

I didnt make any upgrades on Ember but it seems that there is something wrong with my node_modules. Copying the node_modules from an instance properly working seems to work.

Ember 3.27 changed the way Ember’s own modules are incorporated into the app. This looks like a mismatch between ember-source and ember-cli-babel versions.

Nothin has changed in package.json.

That doesn’t really mean you didn’t get different dependencies. Make sure you’re using yarn.lock or package-lock.json to avoid unplanned surprises.

It would be very helpful if the Ember Release Docs were updated to include information about 3.27 :+1:. I’m not sure where I can raise that issue officially; meant to look into that last week when 3.27.0 dropped but I got busy elsewhere :man_shrugging:

I too have several apps where dependabot has upgraded ember-source to 3.27.0 & 3.27.1 and it fails to compile. I assume it is a babel compatibility problem.

Yeah, the whole 3.27 release isn’t really “done” until ember-cli also releases. Right now we are in the in-between period where ember-source has released but ember-cli has not. Ideally it’s not supposed to be a long gap, but sometimes there are delays.

The easiest way to upgrade is to wait for ember-cli to release and then use ember-cli-update, because it will give you a curated set of default dependencies that are known to work together. To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with just updating ember-source directly like dependabot would do, it’s supposed to normally work, but in this case it didn’t and bugs need to be fixed.

Totally makes sense! Thanks @ef4!