EmberData 5.X Update

This week, in coordination with the broader Ember project, EmberData released 4.12, its final 4.x version, and began iterating towards the first release of the 5.x series.

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How does the inclusion of the request and cache APIs in EmberData 4.12 ensure a smooth migration path for applications and how will it address the deprecations related to promise-proxies, async relationships, computed chains, and array-like APIs?

The replacements for Model and ModelFragments required them. It means we can write a new Model and Schema utils that target both 4.12 and 5.x.

The advantage of this is more migration path options. For async specifically (and by extension promise-proxies and computed chains and array-like) it means you have the ability to property-by-property migrate to something much better and long term supportable once that Model becomes available.