Emberjs apps fails with no console messages - how to debug?

so this is my hbs tpl

before {{format-date '2015-06-25 16:09:23'}} after

the problem is on line {{format-date ‘2015-06-25 16:09:23’}} which stops execution here, and I see no errors whatsoever in chrome dev tools console or in terminal console. My template looks partially loaded, as you can see here: https://i.stack.imgur.com/PbmiY.png (start column is supposed to have a date formatted, but it’s empty)

This helper is from this package https://chrishonniball.github.io/ember-string-helpers/

Before I installed this package I had a custom helper with exactly the same name ‘format-date’, which I then removed completely from helpers folder.

I have no effects If I place {{debugger}} before that {{format-date}} tag (i.e. debugger is not fired)

All other methods of the ember-string-helpers are working except for format-date, for example If I place {{uc-words ‘hello world’}} instead of format-date everything works and I get template fully rendered.

Any ideas why?

Also how to enable debugging (logging to understand what’s the cause of the problem)? Right now it’s total silence, which makes me impossible to find the cause of the problem. No JS errors in console.

thanks, Dmitry

Try this to see if there is an exception thrown: https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2015/05/automatically-pause-on-any-exception

Let me know if that reveals anything :slight_smile: