Enforcing Ember upgrades programatically

Working for an enterprise, we’ve found ourselves way out of date. We’re on version 2.12, where 4.12 is current LTS. We’re working away to get up to date, so we need to go fast for a bit, until we reach currently supported LTS, from where we can sustain a slower pace of upgrades. It would be great to ensure we never get behind again, in an automated way.

I’m interested to know if there’s any automated ways of helping our teams know when LTS support for our current codebase is ending in say 6 months. Perhaps by flagging up a message during builds, failing builds or even just alerting a chat channel.

I see npm has support for deprecating versions of pacakges, to indicate they are out of support, but I’m not sure what the community/core team view is on using that. It doesn’t appear to be used currently.

Any existing solutions out there?

It’s not programmatic, but is plannable thanks to the ember release schedule. You can expect a minor bump every six weeks, an LTS bump every 4 minors (4, 8, 12), and a major bump to follow every 12th minor (so X.13 won’t exist in v4, v5, etc., unlike in v2 and v3).

My work runs on a six week planning cycle, so every 4th PC we know we are one more LTS out of date and have a candidate for a tech debt ticket.


Good to know - thanks for sharing. We’ll make sure we develop an upgrade process with the standard cycle in mind.