Forum down only for chrome? RESOLVED

This forum can’t be used since this morning from multiple PC’s in the Netherlands in Chrome because of this error:


In IE all works fine from the same PC’s ??

Seems like some strange CDN bug.

More detail: GET…ktop_fbb9e644ff1969ad6b74177ab1a8eba4c43c1d6e.css? net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

With some great help from Fastly’s @cjackel we found that this issue only concerns KPN users that use the Primary DNS:, Secondary DNS: numbers. It keeps working in all browsers but Chrome. Clearing caches and host cache does not help but if you switch to the google DNS Chrome works again fine with this forum. Perhaps it is just a strange DNS wave only effecting Chrome?

Bizarre. Glad Fastly was able to help. This is why we use them, because they are the best! :smiley: