This discuss forum's FontAwesome is broken


For me on Chrome 38 and Firefox 32, every item that uses font-based icon is broken. That leads to me just seeing a whole bunch of squares and no icons.

Both browsers do not load:

When I look at what is happening in Chrome’s developer tools Network tab, it says that the request was cancelled.


This is usually due to a plugin interfering – The “HTTPS everywhere” plugin is known to cause this problem, for example.

I would check your plugins and try running without any plugins, or see if any proxy between you and the site is blocking the request.


@jatwood, the HTTPS everywhere plugin was causing the issue. Thank you.


Is there a fix aside from disabling HTTPS for the site? Is this just because the fonts aren’t available over HTTPS?


It’s a bug in HTTPS Anywhere, it has nothing to do with actual https.