Uncaught Error: Compile Error: fa-icon is not a helper

Hello All, Greetings…!

I am using font awesome in my ember project.I also installed ember fixtable which is causing version problem for my Font awesome module.

Can somebody will help me to resolve this problem

Thanks & Regards, Priyanka

The Ember font awesome module moved from bower to NPM. Fixtable-Ember is still a wrapper for the bower version. Perhaps the version problems come from that or you installed font awesome in bower and package.json ?? You can always use the older bower version until Fixtable-ember is also moved to NPM.

Thanks broerse.

That might be a problem but previously It was working properly.Problem started when need to install dependency of ‘broccoli-merge-trees(V 1.2.1)’ for fixtable and its started affecting version dependency of Ember Font Awesome.

What might be cause for that.

Thanks & Regards, Priyanka

I reproduced this error. Going back to ember-font-awesome 2.2.0 does not solve this?? Will take a closer look.

Going back to ember-cli 2.10 does not solve this??? @martndemus if you can find some time can you take a look at https://github.com/broerse/ember-cli-blog/tree/fixtable-ember that gives this error:

The Broccoli Plugin: [BroccoliMergeTrees: TreeMerger (otherAssetTrees)] failed with:
Error: Merge error: file fonts/FontAwesome.otf exists in C:\dev\ember-cli-blog\tmp\broccoli_merge_trees-input_base_path-3xhdAESP.tmp\1 and C:\dev\ember-cli-blog\tmp\broccoli_merge_trees-input_base_path-3xhdAESP.tmp\2

Not a fix, but I would highly recommend skipping ‘font’ based icons and jumping over to svg sprites. fontastic.me is what I like to use.

Just curious, but could you elaborate about why you recommend svg sprites instead of font-based icons?

Is it widely believed that svg sprites are preferable?

https://css-tricks.com/icon-fonts-vs-svg/ besides < IE8 support - It seems hands-down better. I used to use icons, but I’d often find they turned to ☐’s and stuff… + svg can do all sorts of stuff that fonts cannot.

Here is a basic example: https://ember-twiddle.com/05af53361fd0ffc474a0767ec2a15b56?openFiles=templates.components.svg-icons.hbs%2Ctemplates.components.svg-icons.hbs

: )

Actually helped fixing similar issue few days ago. The app used ember-cli-font-awesome, we swapped it for ember-font-awesome, but that ships the fa-icon as a component, not helper. So we had to fix previous “helper-only” usages such as {{unbound (fa-icon 'xxx')}}.

Thank you all. I will surely try them and get back to you.

Thank you all,