Frontend Developer at ScoreBreak (Looking to hire!)

Introductory paragraph

At ScoreBreak, we are a small team of passionate, product focused engineers and designers creating next-generation sports video analysis tools.

Our web application uses ember.js 3.15 + typescript, communicating with backend via graphql. We have native applications for macOS and iOS / iPadOS.

We are looking to add a front-end engineer to our team for the web app. We hope to find someone who is a craftsman.

We are a remote company with members in Krakow, Warsaw, Montreal, Chicago, and Colorado.

About us

My name: Jordan Hendry My position: Founder

Company name: ScoreBreak, Inc. Website:

Company info and history: Founded in 2015, ScoreBreak is a vertically integrated video solutions company that helps teams review past performance and prepare for upcoming opponents. We strive to enable our clients to get more output using less input than with previous softwares they may have been using. ScoreBreak values your voice!

About the job

Job title: Sr. Frontend Engineer Job description: Frontend feature development and maintenance of ScoreBreak’s web application. Testing and bug fixing!

Position on remote work: 100% remote team Qualifications or experience required: We love ember.js and hope you do too.

What the successful job applicant will be working on: Version 3 of the ScoreBreak web application! We have a new design language and would love to speak with you about it to get your opinion on it :smiley:

About the interview process

Let’s get together for an audio call over IP with myself and Lucas, our head of web. He created the current version 2 of the web application and has since transitioned to the backend. We are the people you would be working closely with.

Further info

Please feel free to get in contact with me at - thank you for your time!