Frontend Engineer role at Square!

We’re looking for a Frontend Engineer on the Appointments team over at Square. We’re a collaborative, friendly team working on building exciting new products (in Ember, naturally) for our scheduling point-of-sale.

You’ll own features from architecture to launch, and you’ll have a huge say in the direction of the app as it’s developed. The team is spread across North America, across pretty much all the time-zones, so we’re great at working remote and async.

If you feel like this could be a good fit, feel free to reach out to me or apply via this job listing.


@michaellc Nice! You should consider posting the role at, which will also crosspost to the Ember Discord chat.

!! This is amazing. Thank you very much. I’m in the Discord but hadn’t figured out how the jobs in the #ember-jobs channel were posted.

You can post directly in #ember-jobs as well, if preferred. You may need the “community” role to do so, which you can request in #discord-server-admin.