[HIRING] Chicago, experienced dev, Springleaf


My office at Springleaf here in Chicago is hiring experienced front end (EmberJS) and backend (Ruby, Rails) devs.

I figure this is a good place to share our posting, so if you know someone or are someone: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs2/view/40086729 (or email me to talk in person, benjamin.fleischer@ springleaf.com).

We’re a small (< 30) team with well-defined goals and the means to achieve them. We’re mostly devs, but includes sysadmins, marketing, pms, etc., so we have all the angles covered with quality people.

We have pretty good benefits and only have healthy snacks.

Pasted below for convenience:

Job description

We are looking for a Senior Ember UI Engineer to join our Digital Operations team in Chicago. You’ll work as part of a full-stack agile development team to design and implement web applications. The ideal candidate understands how to balance a desire for perfectionism with the need for pragmatism.

Along with your resume, please submit a link to your GitHub profile as well as any other examples of your work.


  • Design, implement, and test responsive UIs
  • Learn and use Ruby as needed
  • Assist in defining back-end APIs
  • Work with marketing folks to optimize pages
  • Participate in code reviews
  • Get in touch if you’re interested, or just want to talk shop over coffee.

Desired Skills and Experience

Minimum Qualifications

  • 2 years of web design and development experience
  • Expert in HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, and Git

Preferred Qualifications

  • 4 years of web design and development experience
  • UI lead on a public-facing site with $1M+ revenue or 100k+ users
  • Full-stack proficiency (HTTP, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL)

We expect you have opinions about:

  • Angular, Backbone, Ember, React and their ilk
  • Templating languages (haml, slim, liquid, handlebars)
  • CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation
  • CSS preprocessors (less, sass, stylus)
  • Editors (vim, emacs, atom, sublime)
  • Testing tools (Jasmine, Mocha, Sauce Labs)
  • Gulp, Grunt, Middleman

are familiar with the work of:

  • Douglas Crockford
  • Steve Souders
  • Ilya Grigorik

and want to attend a couple of conferences, such as:

  • Fluent
  • An Event Apart
  • Velocity

About Springleaf Financial – Chicago Office

We’re pioneering the future of consumer lending. Let’s create something great together.

What makes Springleaf Chicago such a great place to grow?

  • We’ve got the agility of a start-up.
  • We have the resources of an established and growing financial company.
  • We’ve got big ideas and an innovative team to seize big opportunities.
  • Join our talented team of engineers, product managers, and marketers, working

collaboratively to solve complex problems by applying technology to enhance our clicks to bricks lending approach.

Why join our family tree?

  • Got some great ideas? Awesome. Bring your newest and coolest, because we’re big fans of thinking big.
  • Are you good to grow? Here’s your chance to build your internet chops with unlimited growth potential in a casual, fun environment.
  • We are a team of doers and dreamers who’ve grown a variety of small and large businesses. Join the team and grow with us.
  • All for one and one for all—we’re all about collaboration. We work together to tackle complex problems.


  • Casual work environment—Wear your slippers to work. Really.
  • We Have the Technology—Pick the equipment you want to use. We’ll provide you with your preferred hardware, be it a MacBook Pro, 39” monitor, a standing desk—it’s your call.
  • Freedom for a fortnight (+1)—The nerdy way of telling you that you’ll be getting 15 days of paid vacation.
  • In the Loop—We’re close to just about everything. Get here by L, by Metra, or even by water taxi, if that’s what floats your boat.
  • Snack time—Munch ‘til lunch—and after lunch too. We’ve got all kinds of healthy snacks (and a healthy stash of Tootsie Rolls—shhh…).
  • Shaping Up—We’ve got a subsidized gym onsite so you can spend some free time with the free weights.
  • Penny for your thoughts—Attend conferences, read books, or take a class—we’ll help you gain the skills you need to get growing.
  • Medical, Vision, and Dental Insurance—Be well, see well, and smile well with our plans.
  • Generous 401(k)—We’ll match the first 4 percent—free money!