FrontEnd engineer JS / Ruby


our team of 6 devs (iOS and Ruby) is looking for a frontend engineer.

Our main product is FinalCAD and you can find on the app store. It is a tool used on the worksites by construction engineers for quality control and communication with suppliers. You want to see how it works? Go on a worksite and look for an iPad or just watch this video.

At FinalCAD we are opinionated about the software we are creating for our users. We like to study and debate around workflows, construction processes, research papers, before talking about modelization and implementation. In a word, we really are a company focused on the product.

What you would expect from a job announcement:

  • Technologies we use: Ruby (Rails, …), JS (Ember, …), Heroku, PG, Redis, Objectif-C (Cocoa, …)

  • The work place: your place. We are located in Paris, but 50% of our team works remote.

  • The bounty: depends on your mileage.

How to apply ? Show us some code

Contact me at “{"damien":""}”

Hello! Check my github:

Thanks for your interest.

We might contact you soon.


Damien B.