Glow Table Row for new records entries only


I would like to have a quick glow on table rows related to recently added records since last visit, e.g:

index route - lists all entries in a table item route - have a form to add a new item and transitionTo(‘index’) when successfully created and save()'d the new record.

Any ideias how i could achieve this?

Thank you!

For something like this I just add an id to the table row like this <tr id="model-name-{{}}"> and then something like this:

actions: {
  createThing() {
    const model ='model-name', {}); => {
      this.transitionTo('index').then(() => {

I’m sure there is a more pure ember way, but for this kind of ui fluff it’s hard to beat a little sprinkle of jquery :grin:

If someone has a better way of doing this I would very be interested in seeing it!