How to Handle Select Elements for Query Parameters


I am trying to avoid using Ember.Select as it is now deprecated. I want to use selectize.js to create a UI element similar to:

“Country Selector” in

Currently, I have a component that has a large number of input elements like:

{{input val=input_val}}

to update query parameters passed from the controller. The query parameters are passed to the component via:

{{component input_val=query_param}}.

I am want to do something similar but instead for select elements. Is there a way to have the select elements also dynamically update the query parameters passed in based on what the user selects?

My current idea is to bubble up an action whenever a select element is picked to the controller. However, this seems tedious that the controller should need to handle needing to update a query parameter whenever one gets updated in the component. Is there a more concise way to do this?

Thanks for any help!