How-to inject ember-validations in unit test?



i’m trying to unit test a model with Ember 2.1.0. I’ve made the decision to validate state on my models instances. So, I do something like this in my tests: this.subject().validate().

In order to inject validation stuffs in the tests, i’ve followed the readme of ember-validations:

moduleForModel('document', 'Unit | Model | Document', { needs: ['model:user', 'model:tag', 'model:author', 'service:validations', 'ember-validations@validator:local/presence', 'ember-validations@validator:local/length', ], unit: true });

I’m getting an error Uncaught TypeError: Attempting to register an unknown factory: ember-validations@validator:local/presence.

However, ember-validations (2.0.0-alpha.4) is installed and is in my package.json as a devDependency.

Any idea?

Thx a lot!