How to integrate ember CLI with ASP.Net Application?

I have an EmberJS application that is built using Ember CLI. To deploy my application I used the ember build --release command with Ember CLI, and copied the output from the /dist folder into the folder that is mapped with IIS. Everything seems to work fine. If I try to access localhost:port/someurl directly, I get a 404 Not Found error. What is the best way to integrate Ember CLI with ASP.NET Application?

You have to define routing rules in IIS or within your .NET backend routing in order to have a request to an ember route find the ember app. When you request to localhost:whatever/your/ember/route, .NET will try to find within its own routes the route requested. Look into what other people are doing: ember.js - How to run emberJS application in IIS? - Stack Overflow

When you say ASP.NET, are you using any frameworks such as MVC.NET or WebAPI?

If MVC.NET, you’ll generally edit your layout page to look similar to the compiled app index.html. If WebAPI, you’ll serve your compiled ember application from a “public” folder (used to serve static files).