Using `ember-cli-deploy` with a Windows/IIS environment? Any thoughts?

By way of preface, imagine the most ideally idiomatic Rails/EmberJS/Ember-CLI pipeline. Except that it has to be served on IIS.

I regret this is very far outside my area of experience but I would be glad for any thoughts on hosting and deploying an Ember CLI APP to Microsoft IIS (on a self-hosted server… )

Ideally I’d love to use ember deploy or some kind of npm run deploy but that feels like a pipe dream at this time.

Sorry about the generality of the question, but I would be glad for a series of pointers in the right direction (with respect to hosting an Ember CLI app on IIS)

After a day of this, I gotta say: just use a VM.

Regarding doing this, if you’re wanting to have the Ember-CLI app built on your IIS server, it might be a major pain.

But if you’re wanting to have your devs build the app (or have it built on a CI server), then you’d be able to send it up to your IIS server in various ways. A few thoughts on ways you could do it (some of these are ember-deploy plugins and some would be much like the existing ones):

  • upload the files from dist/ to the file system for your IIS server (see how the s3 assets adapter works) using ftp or equivalent
  • upload the files to a CDN (reference the S3 index adapter here too) and then copy your index.html file to either a cache, DB or some other place that your IIS server can read it

Once everything is all built, an Ember-CLI app is just a static html file and a bunch of javascript assets, so it should be quite doable without a VM …