Ember CLI app inside a non-ember app


I’m new to ember and went through the documentation available on the site including the tutorials. My question is that “Is it possible to create and run ember-cli application inside an application that’s already built in a different framework?” If it is possible then how can I do that without afftecting the entire application. Else what would be the ideal way of proceeding?

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We once used .htaccess files for an Apache server to manage if you get the old framework or the Ember App. You should use something like ember-href-to and clasic href links to link to routes on the old framework from the Ember App. The old framework should also use clasic href to link to routes. We talked from the old framework and the Ember App to the same backend database to move data between the two frameworks. It was an internal system without authentication so we did not have to login twice.

What we did is probably not the best way but it did the job. There are many other ways to do this but authentication needs to be solved first.

Perhaps we would now create Glimmer components and switch to Ember later. Glimmer also uses ember-cli.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Will look in to the links. :slight_smile:


Incase I want to call an ember CLI application that is initially going to render a page that was previously done in jsp, servlets but inside my ember application I will be having APIs to do the servlet functions and just want a way to connect to this ember application from the jsp page what will be the best way to do so?


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