Transition SPA to Ember

To be realistic, we can’t just rewrite our SPA websites in Ember. So I was wondering if it’s possible to start adding features but in Ember. Is there a way to run Ember just inside a DIV? How about running a heavy js site inside Ember?

I’m not sure the best approach here. Has anyone done some transition where they combined Ember with a completely different web application?

I would like to know if I can run Ember as the outer layer and only handle certain routes “with Ember” but have another handler (current web application) and basically have that handler change a single DIV.

I’m starting a complicated transition currently. Our existing SPA is of the (very) old iframe methodology and there’s simply too much there to rewrite at once.

We’re starting by replacing the wrapper around the iframe with an ember app with location: none. Some pages within the iframe will get loaded as individual ember apps at their respective urls and will utilize location: 'history' and setting the base url. The net effect for us is that short term we have multiple SPAs that gradually are capable of being merged together as more portions are built out.

You can definitely run Ember as only a portion of a webpage e.g. within a div: (it’s wherever you put the application template / outlet). The trouble is going to be the interaction between the router of your existing SPA and Ember. You may want to simply have some routes serve up Ember using Ember’s ability to run off a baseUrl, and split your SPA up into multiple SPAs as an intermediate step.

Anybody else doing something similar?