How to make tomcat authentication in ember js after deployed on tomcat?

After deploying ember on tomcat using the command “ember build --environment=production”. All the files will be compressed into /dist folder. Copied all the files and pasted it in the tomcat webapp. Now, I want to do tomcat form based authentication. How to do this?. how to put login page of ember in form-login-config. Are there any experts please help me?

My advice is to not do this. Typically an Ember app would perform login steps via HTTP request and the server would be totally headless. I’m not very familiar with tomcat but “tomcat form based authentication” implies that Tomcat is rendering the form. You could still let Tomcat do that, if you really wanted, but you may be better off not having a login form in the Ember app at all and delegating all of that to Tomcat.