How to route to the static html page?

So I have regular ember app, but I have to add static page into public folder, so I can redirect there a response from Microsoft auth and then close it(because I have # in my regular url localhost:4200/app/#/redirect) - localhost:4200/app/page.html. I have locationType: ‘auto’ in my env. every time I redirect to this page I have an error “UnrecognizedURLError”. But if I open devtools and reload the page it works as expected. How can I add this static html page to the router or is it any other way to manage it? if I have locationType: ‘hash’ then there is default route in the url and url look like this localhost:4200/app/page.html/#/default, totally ignoring the static page

Don’t use <LinkTo> or transitionTo, because those are for routing inside the ember app.

Instead, use a real <a href="..."> or window.location.href = "...".