How to use ember modal window


I am learning ember and my app versions are

DEBUG: Ember : 2.3.0 2016-02-02 10:23:42.418 ember.debug.js:6271DEBUG: Ember Data : 2.3.3 2016-02-02 10:23:42.418 ember.debug.js:6271DEBUG: jQuery : 2.2.0

I need to include ember modal addon in my application.

how can I implement it.

i installed it using

npm install ember-modal-dialog@0.8.3

and added

@import “ember-modal-dialog/ember-modal-structure”; @import “ember-modal-dialog/ember-modal-appearance”; to app.scss

then in application.hbs i added

{{#modal-dialog}} Oh hai there! {{/modal-dialog}}

but my ember app is not working

am getting

DEPRECATION: The initialize method for Application initializer ‘ember-cli-foundation-modal-initializer’ should take only one argument - App, an instance of an Application

this error


In case of this addon - it seems it still incompatible with Ember 2.3 but only with 1.13.10, according to its bower.json on github You can try use Ember 1.13.10 version and wait until addon author implement its support to a newer Ember version or in case you need simple Modal Dialog you can implement it by yourself, here how I do it:


Thank you for the info