In theory, could it be possible to use Ember Components outside of Ember Apps?

I’m starting to notice beginners asking about trying to create apps that would best be built as an App with 1 route that shows a component. This got me thinking. Could it be possible to use Ember Components as widgets outside of Ember Apps?

What do you think about this?

@tarasm Ember itself is focused on whole-page apps with multiple routes. Solving that results in a very different solution than what is needed for one-part-of-page-interactivity. That said, if you want components or only parts of Ember, you can customize the build. I’ve got an example of that here:

Ember is built from several micro-lib dependencies and several internal packages. Customizing the build is all about picking and choosing which packages to put together.

The result probably isn’t as lightweight as you would hope (though the sizes in that post must be out of date). Maybe you can get a better size by further tweaking what packages you require.

@mixonic I don’t really want to create a subset of Ember.js. I would just like to be able to use components outside of Ember.js apps.

Good article BTW.

You may be interested in Cards. Tom spoke about this at Bocoup tonight: Tom Dale - Cards are the Future of the Web - Boston JS Meetup - YouTube