Install or not ember-cli globally


I wonder if I need to install ember-cli globally before cloning an Ember project

npm install -g ember-cli

or it is enough to have Yarn installed and hit yarn to install the dependencies which include ember-cli?


The global ember-cli always defers to the local version of ember-cli when inside a project. The main nicety of having it installed globally is being able to run ember commands directly.

For yarn users, you can use yarn ember instead, and that works just fine…


Thank you for your response. I need it to know if I have to put the install command in Jenkinsfile. So as far as I understood, I don’t need to install it. Right?


To clear some details, if you don’t have ember installed globally, as @rwjblue said, you won’t be able to run any ember related commands. In this case, having yarn installed, you can run yarn ember to display available commands. So running yarn ember s would replace ember s command. Hope this helps.