Installing pakages for tooling via npm

i have some problem in my windows gyp ERR! build erorr c:/windowos/Microsoft.Net…how to fix this one…

Well, we could start by examining the actual, full error msg.

Ball’s in your court.

If it’s ember-cli I bet it’s one of the 2 things:

  1. lack of --msvs_version=<version> parameter.
  2. / ws compilation issue (probably this actually)

If you have VS Community 2013/2015 use npm install --msvs_version=2013 (or 2015). To resolve the issue, run the following npm install -g ws and then try ember again.

Or you know…, post the error message so we don’t have to guess.

I had this error using a non default broccoli-sass

You don’t have to compile the gyp thing or install an old Python. Compiled versions are automatically download if you use the correct version.