Is ember 3.28 a LTS release now?

It was announced in The Road to Ember 4.0 that around September 20, version ember 3.28 will be released as Long-Term Support.

But on this LTS page 3.28 is not listed yet. When will 3.28 be marked as an LTS release?

while ember-source @4.0 is released, the ember “family of libraries” is not at 4.0 yet. Once that happens, there is a “release blog post”, and that declares the LTS-candidate as LTS.

Remaining tasks before 3.28 is official LTS:

  • ember-data needs to release a 4.0
  • ember-cli needs to release a 4.0 (this is last because it controls the blueprints)
  • release blog post

all of this usually happens within a week of the ember-source release

Thank you. If I don’t know a date yet, can you tell me if it is certain that 3.28 will be a LTS release? Will it happen in 2021?

it is certain that 3.28 will be LTS, yes. It’s been announced in prior blog posts, iirc. And yes, I expect the LTS announcement to happen before December - but with US holidays coming up, that might leak to the first week of December (but I don’t expect that to happen).

Thank you very much!

Is there any update on this?

Sounds like there were some slowdowns with finalizing the ember-cli release etc but Ember 4.0 was released today which means 3.28 was promoted to LTS today: