Ember-cli, Ember, and Ember data versions sameness


Hi everybody,

I am back again into the use of Ember for a web application for internal company use. Considering the use of the 2.8 LTS, this raise in my mind a truly basic question.

Do I need to use the 2.8 version of each dependant project ? Is version 2.8 of Ember-cli and Ember-data considered LTS as well ?

Stopped soon after 2.1, it’s time to upgrade myself on Ember.



Short answer: No and no.

Longer answer:

  1. The Ember-CLI and Ember Data versions are suggested to be the same as Ember so that you have the fewest issues, however, you can theroretically mix and match any 2+ versions. Do expect more bugs if you do so, however.

  2. There is no formal LTS on Ember Data and Ember CLI yet. Private APIs may be changed on these repos without a deprecation warning.