Is it Ember or Ember.js?

I know that this is hardly a momentous issue, but I like to get these things right.

When writing about this framework, should one refer to Ember.js or just Ember? The Github repo uses Ember.js consistently, but the current version of the home page uses both, apparently indiscriminately. Is there some logic, such as Ember is the entire project and Ember.js just the framework, or are the two names interchangeable?

I notice that the spell checker is underlining Ember.js for me, but not Ember. Perhaps this is a sign?

Perhaps a journalistic style - Ember.js for the first reference to it in text, Ember thereafter.

It should always be Ember in its own codebase -

The stackoverflow tag is ember.js.

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I’ve also seen EmberJS in a few places.

I like this approach. Personally, when searching on the web, I get more/better results when I use ember.js or emberjs.

EmberJS is the hashtag that’s used on Twitter.

I’ve been using Ember in my books on the theory that Ember is the name of the library and ember.js is the name of the implementation. (And also because it’s shorter). But the docs are inconsistent.

Right now, I’ll take the guideline from the documentation (“Reference Ember.js as Ember.”) as a style guide hint unless somebody suggests otherwise.

On a related note, I’m following the usage in the docs and referring to “Ember Data” as opposed to “ember-data” or “Ember data”.