Issue with RESTAdapter with WCF- solved

I am having a issue with RESTAdapter with WCF. My data returned from WCF Rest service look like this - For a GET request

[{,"id":"1","intro":"So if on aing he","title":"God is Love"},
{"id":"2","intro":"So ved re","title":"God is Kind"},
{"id":"3","intro":"So if on advanced addition a","title":"God is Nice"}]

because I don’t have any root name ‘post’ ember is not displaying the the data and complains is not valid. Any solutions for this.

In WCF I am just retuning a collection of post objects. I have tried my best to add the class name with out any success

Any help welcome

ps: the same issue described here. But mine is an array of objects - any solution here didnt waork for me

I have to add RootFormatter to format my json object correctly