It's too hard to find this discussion forum

Perhaps it’s just me, but finding this discussion forum wasn’t easy. I didn’t find it until a link was directly pointed at it from Hacker News. I think that having a link in the main menu on Ember.js to the discussion forum would create higher conversions to the forum, and perhaps offer more engagement within the community.

I think the discussion forums are very useful to new users, and I think making it stand out more to the new users can only help.

We link to the discussion forums more-or-less prominently from Community - Ember.js. Where else would you like a link from?

I just feel like you have to make your way through a lot of text and other links before you get to the discussion board, which I personally feel is potentially one of the most important parts to grow the community, since new users can get some quick information here.

I think that more prominent and towards the top of the community page could be useful, maybe something that distinguishes it from the other links? Or maybe right on the main menu? I’m not sure how the forums are viewed by the team, but I have found them pretty helpful and pretty important to my adoption of Ember.

Maybe I had an issue finding it because I was exploring ember before the discussion board existed, and I didn’t think to go back and check that page often. So it may be perfectly acceptable how it is.


I agree. I feel as though many more people would be active on this Discourse if the ‘discussion forum’ link was more prominent. Since Ember is one of the few front runners for Discourse I would think it would be promoted more, but like @scottyd said it’s a few paragraphs in and just a typical link.

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Right now it’s on the community page as noted earlier.

Priorities seem correct:

  1. Ask on Stack Overflow (if it’s directed Q&A you want…)
  2. Try the forum for general discussion
  3. IRC for chat