I've just launched my first ember app


Well, I have mixed feeling towards ember. Learning curves are fine, I have no problem with them. I wouldn’t describe ember has having a steep learning curve, I thought it was pretty well documented and a pretty sane API in general. I would actually describe it as a bumpy learning curve :wink:

Anyway, here’s my first app written with ember: AwesomeTimer

There are still one or two minor little bugs hiding in there but it’s good enough. Performance also gets a little ropey as the (client-side) database grows but I’ve not made any attempts to improve that yet and I’m sure there are probably a few big wins to be had there by just fixing the odd it of sloppy code

I’d appreciate your thoughts, Matt


Hey Matt, your first app looks good! I am also a beginner like you in Ember, would really appreciate if you could tell us how you overcame those ‘bumps’ in Ember.


Thanks! No great revelations I’m afraid. When I got really stuck I posted questions here and on Stack Overflow, but generally I just had to figure it out myself.