Link-to and link-to-external are not working with ember 3.10

I just upgraded my app to ember 3.10 from 3.9, and the link-to and link-to-external components have stopped working, the application simply crashes.

For a link-to, I get the following error: You attempted to generate a link for the "my-route" route, but did not pass the models required for generating its dynamic segments. There is no route named my-route

Not sure why would it once say that I didn’t pass the models, and then that there’s no such route. I am passing the requisite params to the route though. Seems like a bug to me?!

For link-to-external, I get the following error: The external route undefined does not exist

The error with the link-to-external seems pretty similar to the one here: but this was with ember 2.9. Looking at the code, it seems that again, the targetRouteName is undefined. Not sure if its the same or similar issue this time. this has a property route with ember 3.10 which I didn’t see in a previous version and seems to have what targetRouteName would have, so may be an oversight somewhere in the code!?

Can you add what code you’re trying to use?


I am just using the link-to component, that was working with ember 3.9:

{{#link-to'my-route' 'paramValue'}}

      Open Me



{{#link-to-external 'my-ext-route' 'paramValue'}}

      Open Me (Ext)


@nullpointer , have you found a solution to this? I’m seeing the same error with the link-to-external component.

No, but someone has reported the issue here: