Linking to external URLs

I’m having a strange problem, and I’m not sure if it is because of ember-cli or something else.

Somehow, I cannot link to external urls. For example, if I add <a href="">test</a> to my template, the link is visible and clickable, but nothing happens when I click it. I tested it in both Firefox and Chrome, serving and built (=production), and its the same problem everywhere. Has anybody ever had the same problem?

I have working external links in an Ember CLI project.

Is your project visible anywhere?

Do you have any didInsertElement-type code, or jQuery things that observe events? There are so many possibilities.

No, I’m not using Jquery directly anywhere, except for inserting a google map.

I uploaded a dummy version here:

I removed most parts and just inserted a basic link in my application.hbs template, and I can’t get it to work… However, if I include the same link directly in my index.html, it works. :confused: help would be very appreciated!

Do you use some mobile/touch specific library which disables clicking on links?

Btw, there’s a 404 on one resource (cordova.js).

The only non-standard packages I’m using are broccoli-sass and ember-cli-cordova, which is actually not even loaded here (this is the 404, the file is only included when built). And as far as I can see, this listener from vendor.js comes from jQuery?

Not sure, but I think so.

If you move the anchor tag outside the “content” div (e. g. using the Chrome’s dev tool in Elements) you’ll see that the link works again. Must be some layout (scroller lib?) issue.