List of open source projects using ember


I am not aware of a comprehensive directory that lists ember projects on github or elsewhere in the wild. It would be nice to gather together in this thread a list of projects. For the community’s benefit to learn from each other.

Feel free to post links and description.

  • Type and Version: Ember with Globals, Ember App Kit (ES6 modules), Ember Version
  • Backend (if applicable): Standalone API, Ember Rails, Ember App Kit Rails, Python, etc
  • Source Link: Github, Bitbucket, etc
  • Project URL: If deployed, show us where to check it out.
  • People: Who made it possible, who to thank.
  • Notes of Interest: Does the project tackle any ember specific coding problem in an interesting way?
  • Help Wanted: Anything you could use community help with, code review, guidance on tough problem?

I would encourage posting even if work in progress, it might be good opportunity for others to help out if you are stuck on a particular aspect of the project. Even if you feel that that it doesn’t emulate best practices, I would encourage posting. No project too small we can all learn something from everything even beginner projects. We all can gain insight just seeing how people attempt to solve a problem.


One option might be to use to search for production sites using ember.js, try this link: