Monitor Glimmer component render time

Hi, We currently using EmberInteractivity to monitor the render time of some components. But with glimmer this is non longer an option. The removal of some lifecycle hooks like willRender and didRender makes it pretty hard to find a viable solution

The ember inspector it self does not monitor glimmer component in the Render performance tabs which lead me to believe that this is not something that is really feasible.

One of the solution i could think of is :

  • -start a timer in constructor
  • -stop it with the did-insert modifier

But it is a awful DX. Developer must add manually the modifier and do some kind of functional inheritance on the component to get the timing function. Whereas i would rather use a simple decorator to track my component.

Any suggestion ? Maybe a private api we could use ?

This 2 years old topics has the same kind of question :