Multiplayer Game with Models Syncing through Faye

I’ve done a little Ember using ember-data to load data from a Rails server. I’m starting a new game project, where the server is just a ruby process, and the client will be a Leaflet map. Since the game is multiplayer, I was planning to keep everything in sync using Faye. I’ve used it in the past to push updates from the server to the client, but in this real-time game situation, all exchanges will be done via Faye (or so I plan).

Since I’m not hitting a REST API, is there any advantage to using ember-data? I’ve been looking at something lighter like ember-model as well. I’d like to follow some kind of example, as I think if I just start implementing my own from scratch on Ember.Object I’m likely to come up with an anti-pattern.

I was hoping for some pros/cons on how to set up the model layer when all communication is done via Faye. Has anyone gone down this road, and are there any big gotchas on doing this with Ember?