Multiple Ember data model instances in a route


Hello, I am new to Ember. I am trying to develop an Ember app to work with my Django API.

I have couple of questions about ember model and showing multiple instance of different items on a single page.

  1. I am wondering what is the best practice for showing instances of different Ember models on one page. Tutorials I found only used one model per page. I want to show new books, latest posts and some banners on the homepage.

Currently, I am using RSVP hash on model property of the route like this:

model: function() {
    return Ember.RSVP.hash({

Is this how you would do to display multiple instances of different models?

2.Should I not use Ember data for things that are “only” going to be displayed to the user, instead make simple json request to populate the page?

and use Ember data models for things like “comments” and “reviews” that are going to be posted to server and showed back to the user.

Hope you understand what I meant. Thank you.