Nested routing . there is no router (error)

message : “Assertion Failed: You attempted to define a {{link-to "/landing/study/study-master-mapping"}} but did not pass the parameters required for generating its dynamic segments. There is no route named /landing/study/study-master-mapping”

this.route(‘landing’, function() { this.route(‘study’, function() { this.route(‘mapping’); this.route(‘study-master-mapping’); }); });

link — > {{#link-to “/landing/study/study-master-mapping”}}About{{/link-to}}

So the “link-to” helper takes a route name, not a route URL. I think partly the idea is to abstract URLs away from any logic. The route “name” is the string you pass into this.route in your router. So in this case you’d want:

{{link-to ""}}
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