Nesting if within each

Hi, I’m a beginner to Ember.js and I’m writing an application in which I have a Post model that has a field called extended. I want to loop through each of the Posts and check if its extended field contains a String (say “hi”). I tried this:

{{#each model}} {{#if extended.indexOf(“abc”) != -1}}

But I get this error: Uncaught Error: Parse error on line 10: … {{#if extended.indexOf(“hi”) != 0}} ----------------------^ Expecting ‘ID’, got ‘INVALID’

Any ideas on how to properly do this?

You can’t check like this in handlebars if block, you can check against true or false.

You can use the if helper to conditionally render a block. If its argument returns false, undefined, null, “” or (a “falsy” value), Handlebars will not render the block.

So, you have to keep a computed property in your Post model, which returns true or false based on the condition, and check against that in the handlebars

Say, in your Post Model, have a property

     isHi: function() { 
         return this.get('extended').indexOf("abc") != -1}

and in your handlebars,

{{#each model}}
{{#if isHi}}

Handlebars are logic-less templates where these sort of checks cannot be done. I suggest you to look through … Alternatively, you can also specify itemController for your model in the each helper and handle these sort of logic there

{{#each itemController="applicationItem"}} {{#if testString}} {{name}} {{/if}} {{/each}}

App.ApplicationItemController = Em.ObjectController.extend({
 testString: function(){
  return this.get('name').indexOf("e") !== -1;


Sample working jsbin

Thanks for the help guys!