Netlify isn't building nested and dynamic route images

Hello, I am new here. I am building my first ember app. When I deploy my app to Netlify, it does not convert to a route that is nested and dynamic. There are two routes services and services/service-name. In these routes, Netlify doesn’t build my images. In the development server, the services route is ok but for the services/service-name route, I have to create a services/assets/images folder in the public folder to work. Here is my router configuration: () {
  this.route('services', function () {
    this.route('service', { path: '/:service_slug' });
  this.route('not-found', { path: '/*path' });

Here is the Link to the site:

it looks like your image paths are relative paths e.g. "./assets/..." maybe try without the “.” e.g. "/assets/..."

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