New to this community

Hello there,

I’m Khedir and I’m a grad student. I’m new to ember community and i want to make an online appointment schedling app using ember cli. Can you some please help with some ideas how to start this ? Thank you

Hello and welcome! First you’ll want to choose your full stack. It sounds like you’ll need at least a light backend layer. You could write and host your own or use a service like supabase or firebase. Ember will provide you with a robust application for the front end.

Next you’ll want to learn the fundamentals of the Ember framework to structure your application, create routes, and start writing components. I’d start with the official Ember guides and tutorial. Once you feel confident with the basic Ember constructs you can start to sketch out your application and if you get stuck definitely come back here or log into the community discord for help!

Thank you very much @dknutsen for the quick reply. I have my code on github, its just the basic ember js app creation and added few things to it. What light backed layer would you recommend please. Something easy to work with maybe ! Thank you again

For backend, what language would you like to work in? JavaScript, ruby, C#, F#, elixir, rust, (etc)?

Hi @NullVoxPopuli Probably JavaScript