Plain handlebars templates


There are situations where the view is rendered once and never updated. In this situation where binding is not needed, using plain handlebars templates ( not Ember.Handlebars ) is faster. The current challenge is that plain handlebars uses direct property access and I wasn’t able to change this behaviour to use Ember.get. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. hopefully there will be a plain handlebars template compiler to be used alongside the current template compiler.


You might try the unbound and the (currently undocumented/private) unboundIf helpers. Since they don’t register observers, you may see some performance improvement, although how much I can’t say without a benchmark. The biggest downside is that your templates would no longer as portable (not that Ember templates necessarily are).


@slindberg is right, use the unbound helpers. About the template compiler, I guess you can, but I dunno if it’s worth the maintenance, actually, since it’s gonna require a lot of fiddling around, the performance gains are probably not gonna be all that much, and htmlbars is coming out soon, so it’s probably best to way right now.


The performance gains are significant. and the handlebars templates should be portable, since htmlbars may drop bind-attr.


I’d like to see some numbers, there’s plenty of other ember magic that will cause performance losses, not just bound attributes.


I meant that portability would be reduced simply due to needing to implement the unbound and unboundIf helpers in non-Ember contexts (which doesn’t sound like an issue for you). Good to know that the performance improvement is real!


most of the performance gains of htmlbars come because it builds the dom, rather than building strings. don’t really see how selectively adding data-bindings is gonna help much there., You’re still using handlebars, so still slow. And anyway, does ember feel slow right now or something?